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NightWing [UCNW] Recruiting

Come join us guys, it's fun

Recruitment is always ongoing, we are actively looking for pilots to join us, we welcome all types of players but there is always an emphasis on industrialist / miners.

The reason behind this is because that is what our corp is heading towards, we already have the capabilities of building anything from a module to a capital ship and we all help each other.

Although we would still welcome PVP (player Vs. Player) pilots, if that is your only interest you would be better searching for a PVP corporation. However if you wish to mine to fund your PVPing you are welcome to come join us as there is some PVP requirements (explained later)

The same thing applies to other pilots who enjoy mostly PVE or Exploration/Scanning.

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Who we want

We are a very small corp but most of us have at least 2 alts, we need mature long term players that want to be a part of a corp but also like to do your own thing so the pace of the game is controlled by you.

Nulsec Advantages

Joining a corp that lives in Nulsec comes at a price, but it's not as bad as you may think and it comes with several benefits

UoC Nightwing in 2013

So lets start with the benefits

  • You are amongst friendly pilots
  • Ores are far more valuable
  • Ore annoms are huge
  • Ice annoms are huge
  • Rats are worth more ISK when killed
  • There is a jump bridge structure
  • PVE pays a lot more, especially in the annoms
  • Mining boosts are better
  • Data and relic sites have far more valuable loot
  • Don't worry about your assets in HS, we can help you move it all
  • You will learn so much more about Eve-Online
  • You will get given stuff FREE from skill books to large ships


Ok so now lets take a look at some of the drawbacks so you know what you are getting into before you join

Planetary Interaction in Eve Online

Personaly I don't look at any of the following as drawbacks as they all have solutions

  • Markets can be more expensive
  • Not everything you want is always available
  • Everyone here who is not known will try and kill you
  • If we have a wardec against us, travelling in HS is also dangerous
  • You will lose ships, it's the nature of Nulsec
Don't let the above put you off, it is well worth it.

Rules for joining UCNW

Below are some of the things you must be willing to do to join us in Nul, if you really want to live in nul then these few things are not much of an issue.

  • You must have the ability to use comms, and be willing to do so. (currently Mumble & TS3, set-up help is available)
  • You may once established be required to engage in PVP fleets to help protect our space, (help and advice will be given)
  • You must show respect to all other corpies and alliance members
  • You must be willing to help mine for the corp on occasions

We only want people who enjoy playing eve and actually want to be part of a team, Eve Online is so much better when played in a corp environment than when playing alone. Being one of the smaller corps gives us the advantage of getting to know each other, we will help you with skill books, free modules, free ships and most important free advice.

So if this sounds like something you would be interested in, go to your chat window, in game, and search for NightWing Recruits channel.
Join this channel and start chatting, just introduce yourself, tell us you are considering joining us and ask questions.
Chatting to us and asking questions is the best way to get to know us and decide if you would like to apply.

We look forward to hearing from you

Applying to join a corp is not a guarantee of acceptance, there are in game checks and security issues to look at.

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