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University of Caille NightWing [UCNW]

UoC NightWing

The UoC Nightwing corporation was formed in August 2013 by a group of University of Caille earliy pioneers from the Odyssey release.

In 2015 we tried our hand at living in Nul but that didn't work out so by the end of 2017 the corp had become so small it couldn't maintain its self and was pretty much empty of members, with only 3 of us remaining.

We decided to come back to Highsec to carry on with the mining and see how things went from there.

We range in pilot experience from brand new, to pilots who have been on eve for 9 years

We have Alpha clones in corp and we are always looking for new pilots with similar interests as our existing corp members, especially if you are interested in Industry & mining, so if your new to Eve or you live in Hisec and would like to join a corp to get some boosts head over to our Recruitment page for more details. (we are not just after Miners)

Corp main interests

Mining fleet with Orca

We are active miners for both Ore and Ice, in anything from a Venture to a Orca. Procurers, Skiffs & Hulks.
We have our own boosting ships to help speed up the process and make it more interesting.

There are always Rats to kill while mining so Drones skills are a good thing to get training asap.
All our pilots enjoy a bit of PVE (ratting) occasionally, there is only so much mining you can do before you want to kill something.

But we also have a few pilots who enjoy

We did have our Own structures but High sec at the moment is constantly getting War Deced so decided to own nothing for the time being



PI is also something just about every pilot does,



If you came here but dont yet play Eve Online Click here to sign up, it's free to try.

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