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This Fleet Help page is aimed at new fleet members

Joining fleets can be a lot of fun, but can also be a bit scary if you are new to it

Now this is a massive subject with a lot of stuff to cover, I'm going to start this right at the beginning, showing how to get set up for a fleet, also trying to cover useful info while your in fleet.

This is a guide, you will have to keep referring to it until you learn it all

For the purpose of this tutorial I am going to assume you know how to get a fleet ping and you understand how to read them, so you know what is required in a called fleet

Joining a fleet

First thing you need to find is the fleet icon this is located right at the top neocom menu above your character picture. Click on the 3 lines to open the second menu, click on the social tab, then click on fleet. You can also add this fleet icon directly to your Neocom.

Simply click and hold the fleet icon in the menu, then drag it to an empty space in your Neocom.

Eve online Starting a fleet Screenshot The picture to the right shows the location of the fleet icon in your Neocom menu.

Your Neocom may be on the left side of your screen

If you want to move it right click in the Neocom, options are there.

Ok, back to the fleets, so you have clicked on your fleet icon and a window has opened with loads of information in it.

See the window below

The first thing you need to do is find the fleet you are wanting to join, there could be loads in the window.

Remember that all windows can be resized by dragging the edges, left,right,up and down, they can also be moved by clicking and holding the title bar then moving.

You may need to do the above to find your fleet.

Personally I sort my fleets to only show Alliance fleets, this gives a much smaller list.

So looking at the image below you can see we have a few fleets to choose from, for this tutorial look above all the pictures where it says Scope, then click on the drop down arrow next to My Available Fleets, Click My Alliance Fleets. Now click the Find Fleets button.

Eve online fleet list Screenshot Eve online fleet list options Screenshot

You should now see a window with a lot less fleets being shown, you will need to look through the list to find the fleet you want to join.

If you know the fleet is just forming the advert may not be there yet, wait 15 seconds then click the Find Fleets button again.

Alliance Fleet Window

Just while we are here keep in mind that you can adjust your fleet window to suit your screen size

There are line between the titles, hover over these and your cursor will change, then you can drag left and right to suit you.

There is no point me telling you sizes as this depends on your monitor size and you resolution.


Personally I find the Boss and Fleet Name columns to be the most useful

Once you see the fleet click on it and the window will change.

You get the details of the fleet as follows

Eve online join a fleet Screenshot

If you clicked on the wrong fleet Simply
click on the Find Fleets button
This will take you back to the list of available fleets.

If this was the fleet you were looking for Click the
Join Fleet button, the window below will pop up

Join fleet pop up window, (Screenshot)

Click on the Yes button to join the fleet.

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The window below will now pop up. You are now in a fleet

Joined Fleet Window

When you are in a fleet you SHOULD AT ALL TIMES

The window to the left is very important
However I will just cover another window before we come back and look at this one in more detail.
Note this fleet only has one other member, image is just to show you the window.

Fleets can be a lot of fun, but you must always act as a team, you can't just shoot anything you like just to get on kill mails, or go off looting when you feel like it.
If everyone in the fleet did that the fleet would not last 2 minutes in a battle.

If Logi (short for Logistics, more about this later) were to act alone no one would get healed, so once again, fleet over in a few minutes.
So please fly your ship and act like your team are just as important as you, mostly BECAUSE THEY ARE.

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Fleet chat window

This is your fleet chat window

This window will open when your fleet window opens, it may not open on it's own, in other words it may of opened and nestled with some of your other chat windows.
Look for it and drag it out so its on it's own, it will be named the same as your fleet. FCs and fleet mates post useful info in here, your Pap (Player Participation Link, more on this later) will also be posted in here.

There is also a lot of banter that goes on in this channel, so enjoy images & jokes etc.

Play with the settings in here until you get it how you like it.

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OK, we are now back to the fleet window with some very important info

In the fleet window Click on the History Tab, this will open the window on the right below.

This is the window you spend most of the time in while in fleet. Now click on the little arrows at the bottom right.

Fleet WindowEve online fleet broadcastin option button Screenshot

Now look at the image below, your window should look like this.

You should see icons running along the bottom of the window,

Window showing broadcast icons (Screenshot)

These are your friend

When you click these icons you send a broadcast to the rest of the fleet you are in, mostly important for calling for
Shields, Armour & Capacitor.

Also knowns as Broadcasting for reps

Hover over the icons to see which is which, I recommend that you create a short-cut key for the Shield and Armour.

That saves you having to click a tiny icon when in trouble, just hit the key. This can be done in game,

Esc >> Short-cuts >> Navigation

So when you click you need shield, a broadcast is shown in the history window seen below


Notice how it's also highlighted Green, that’s because I have set a few options. (which also shows us another menu.)

Look at the image on the right and click the little box in the top left corner.

Seen Broadcast

You now get greeted with a small menu as can be seen in the image below

Eve online more fleet options Screenshot

There are a couple of useful things in here

Firstly, this is what I use to leave fleets (there are other ways)

Flag exempt from fleet warp,

You might need to do the above if you are a scout or fast tackle
(more on these later)

Broadcast settings, this is where you can set some options.

Click on the Broadcast Settings, a small window will open like the one below.

Eve online fleet Broadcast Settings screenshot

Broadcast settings

Checked or unchecked, these boxes can make running in fleets much simpler.

Also colour coding you broadcast can let you tell at a glance what the message is.

For instance
If you are not Logi there is no point having the Need Armour/Capacitor/Shield checked as you couldn't help anyway and due to the fact they are popular requests they would just clutter up your history window needlessly..

So good practice is to get into the habit of sorting this out at the fleet form-up stage, this is when you usual have a bit of time and you already know what you are going to be flying in that fleet.

I like having Targets set to Red, Most FCs will broadcast Primary, secondary and sometimes even a 3rd target. This makes it easy to fire at The FCs targets.

Don't be that guy who just targets what ever you like, you are helping the enemy!

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When the FC broadcast a target it will appear in the history window as in the image below.
Notice in my case they also appear highlighted Red due to the setting we did above.

Targets Broadcast

Now you see targets :)

You could right click on the target, this brings up another menu
Left click on the target and they are now locked. (Ready to shoot)

Locked menu

I would recommend that you set a Short-cut key for locking targets.
This makes things easier and faster. I just use the Ctrl key.
I can simply hold my Ctrl key and left click the target in the history tab or overview window and they will get locked.

To set a Short-cut key, do the following, press Esc >> Short-cuts >> Combat >> look for Lock Target.
Double click >> then press Ctrl,. or the key you want to be the short-cut.

Locked targets

As you lock the targets they will show on your screen as in the image above

Note, Depending on how you have your screen configured will depend on where they show, but they will be there.
In this shot you can see the ships are in various states of damage

Also notice one of them has inward pointing chevrons rotating around it, this is the target you will fire on if you click your guns.
You can simply change between them by left clicking on them. Or you can set up shortcut keys to select next or previous targets.

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Note, you can also select the target from your overview window, however when there is a large enemy presence you may not be able to find the broadcast target so easily, this results in delays which can get you or your mate killed.

There are times you have to do this as the enemy may not have been broadcast, FC may just shout his name or the name of the ship.

Eve online overview window Screenshot

This is your overview

Now the first thing to notice is that your overview may not have the same titles as the one in this image, Overviews can be customized

I am not going to go into setting up and configuring overviews on this page.

So I will explain this one and you should get the idea of what is going on.

We have 5 tabs running across the top, in this case we have.

You can download my overview here Warfar's Overview

Make sure you have at least Distance, Name and Type columns visible so you can see who and what ship is there.

The fleet tab above show the enemy along with Gate, Stations, Towers and a few other bits

The next tab Tacklers tab shows just targets, so no gates and planets etc
Then we have the Escape tab, this shows Asteroid belts and moons, places to go when you need to escape.
Then we have Logi View, This shows just our own fleet members (perfect for doing logistics work)
Finally we have the Loot tab, Mostly for finding wrecks that have been blown up, or canisters


Escape tab in an overview window (Screenshot)

window showing Logiview in an overview window (Screenshot)

Loot tab in an overview window (Screenshot)

On most fleets I find myself swapping through these regular to help me out, Like when there's a big battle I use Tacklers, if there are just a few enemies I may stay on the fleet tab, to check I'm still with the fleet in the right place I may switch to the Logiview for a few seconds, I'm sure you will soon get the idea.

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Safety switch

Sometimes we need to shoot Towers and static guns

Eve online  Screenshot  Green saftey switch

To do this you must have you safety switch set to Disabled, Your safety button will be Red

If your button is green you will need to change it, click on the green button next to your HUD

This will bring up the menu seen below. Hover over Disable Safety will give you a message, Click it to accept, then click Confirm.

If you are living in Null this switch should really be left Red at all times. (Cos you are a bad ass!!)

Eve online safty switch settings Screenshot

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Watch list and Moving Around

You are often going to be given move commands, these may be verbally over comms or via the history tab, 4 of the most common are listed below.

First thing we need to do is make sure the FC is in our watch-list.

First find the FCs name in the My fleet tab (next to your History tab)

Hover over the name and right click

You should now see the menu appear as in the image below

Simply click the Add to watch-list option.
If your watch list is already open you can simply drag a name to it


This box will appear somewhere on your screen, this is extremely handy for a few of the commands that lay within it's menu.

You can have a maximum of 15 names in your watch list at a time

Right click on the FCs name in this box

Lets take a look at the options available

Eve online fleet watchlist Screenshot

In the first box you will notice the approach option, if you click this you will start to approach the FC, and will keep doing so until you change the command.

Sometimes you will be told to Orbit the FC @ a certain range, you can see there are different choices, once again soon as you do this you will just fly round the FC until you or your FC change something. You may also be told to keep at range

If the required option is not there just pick the closest to it and worry about the setting afterward, if you delay you will get dead.

You may here the FC say Prop mods on .
If he does just click your MWD (Micro Warp Drive)
Or you Afterburner, whichever you have fitted, he may say 1 or 2 cycles, in which case you click and count the times it goes round then turn off.

Once you have set this up remember to click back on your history tab soon as we undock.

Ok, moving on, I am going to assume that you already know how to warp to gates & stations etc.
I am also going to assume you know how to jump through a gate, dock at a station and align.

However I must stress that if you are told to align to xxxxx

It is very important that you do this as quickly as possible

Maybe you missed the FCs fleet warp, and he says over comms "Warp to XX-123", this is easy and can be done from your overview.

Sometimes he may say Align or Warp Planet 3 moon 4, now finding that in the overview could take time

There is an easier way. if you right click anywhere in space you get the menu seen in the image below.

Eve online on screen menu Screenshot

You get the first part of the menu when you right click .

Look down the list you see planets.

Move to planets, scroll across, find the planet, move across etc......

You get the idea, each bit gives you choices and it's quick and easy to get too.

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We also need to take a look at the timers, when you have just fired on another ship and or been fired upon the two little red timers will appear at the top left of your screen. Note the icons, they could be the other way round.

Log off timers

The weapons timer is the important one to us at the moment. 
This timer will stop you jumping through a gate until it gets to zero.

That’s why it's important not to shoot anything unless FC tells you too

This is also referred to as an aggression timer by some, FC may say
"Jump when you have no Aggression" Soon as timer reaches zero, jump through.

The Capsuleer log of timer stops a ship from logging off for 15 minutes after a conflict.
So lets say you fire at someone, or them at you, then you just log off, YOU ARE NOT SAFE.

Your ship will warp to a random place in space and just sit there for 15 minutes, so you could be probed down and destroyed even though you are not even online. If you got pointed or scrammed before you logged of you won't even warp away.

You can see in the image below I have scrammed the Gila, then I logged the Gila pilot off, so not shown in local but the ship is clearly still there for the taking, so keep this in mind, you cannot hide from a fight that has already started :)

Eve online Stuck in space while logged out  Screenshot

Another timer you will see often is the de-cloak timer seen in the image below.

When you jump through a gate you will have 60 seconds before you de-cloak, the little blue timer is
simply a visual countdown to show when you are going to de-cloak.

You will de-cloak instantly if you are closer than 2000 meters of another ship or object.

Eve online jump fatigue timer Screenshot

Keep in mind if you jump through a Jump Bridge you do not stay cloaked when you arrive

The timer seen in the image below is the jump fatigue timer, also referred to as Space aids

This happens when you jump through a jump bridge (scattered throughout Vale) or if you jump using a Cyno ship.

There will also be an orange similar looking icon to the right of the blue one shown when you first jump through, this is the countdown to when you are able to make your next jump though any type of jump bridge or cyno

If you hover over it you will see when this time runs out

This is a big subject and will not be covered here, (google it for info)

It is important to mention that you do not want this to build up to high if you plan on going out on fleets.

The maximum fatigue you can get is 5 days.


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FC commands Explained

FC Command This means, or You should do
Desto is in fleet Destination has been put in fleet chat window
Set Desto Right click the desto, then choose set destination from menu

Take the Warp

FC has fleet warped you to whatever, (Warped the whole fleet)
Jump and Align.
Jump, align your next.
Jump, align to yellow gate.
Take the gate, align

You are at a gate, Jump through the gate and align to the next gate
It should be highlighted yellow if Desto is set.

All 4 commands mean the same thing as the above

Hold on gate
Gate is red

DO NOT jump through the gate you are either at or approaching,
Press Ctrl + space, this will say stopping ship and will stop you jumping.
If you jump you may be called a lemming, (amongst other things)
Align xx_xxx

Select that gate, object, planet, moon, whatever, click align, or press A
Use your overview if you have desto set, or watch-list, or in space menu.

You must do this as fast as possible THIS IS IMPORTANT

Align enemy fleet If you can't select any of them, just double click space right near them
Anchor on FC
FC will tell you the default anchor, it will either be
Approach / Orbit / Keep at range
Right click the FC in the watch list, select FCs default. (unless he says different)
Anchor and approach usually mean the same thing
Orbit FC @ 2500
Approach via Orbit
Right-click FC in watch list, select Orbit @ 2500, if an unusual distance is given
Right click your orbit button and select, Set default orbit. do that then click it
Orbit at current This could be a gate or the FC, Right click choose Orbit at current, you can do
this on either the FC in watch list, or on a gate in the overview, or by
right clicking on the gate in space, all 3 options give a similar menu.
Fast Tackle Fast tanked ships with point or scram modules fitted.
Warp Scrambler (aka, Short point) and Warp Disruptor (aka, long point)
This is not an easy job, it takes time to learn how to do this properly.
Plus one This is normally an interceptor due to it's speed and immunity to warp bubbles.
A plus one jumps ahead of the fleets to report the status of the next system
e.g. O-1234, 3 naturals, nothing on gate, nothing on D-scan, Bubble on out gate.

Short for Logistics, these are ships that are capable of healing other ships, they are very important in a battle and can mean the difference between wining and losing.

This is also a selfless act as logi don't get to appear on kill mails, so respect them.

Space Aids A term used to describe jump fatigue. ( see Timers )
DCed Player has been disconnected from the game, (so he will be seen warping away)
Safe Spot
A perch is a point in space that has been saved as a bookmark, or the player himself can be a perch, So others can warp to him or the bookmark.
Used in battle to create a warp away from or to the enemy or a gate.
The shortest distance that you can warp is 150 Kilometres, so perches are normally set at between 2k and 3k.

X in fleet
w in fleet
L in fleet

X up

This can be used for so much, usually as a warp too,
FC may ask "Logi, X up in fleet" All logi pilots would then type an x in the fleet chat window. giving FC an idea how many logi he has in fleet and who, You get the idea.
Basically all these are enemies.
Depending on you overview will depend on how these appear.
Neuts are normally pilots that are not at war with us but they are enemies.
Blues These are pilots in your alliance/imperium or our allies. and or friends.
Shield Tanked Your ships main protection comes from the shield (mid slots)
Armour Tanked Your ships main protection comes from your armour (low slots)

I am always looking for more usful info to add to this page, email me with anything you would like to see added


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